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Preview | Local Render | Network Submission

renderStacks allow you to preview, local render and submit to the farm for multiple passes at once.


This allow to get quick preview render for selected passes using our free preview render utility, rsPrvRender. Pressing “Preview” button is essentially pressing Preview Render button in rsPrvRender.

If you want to adjust Preview render settings, right click “Preview” button and select “Open rsPrvRender“.

Multi Preview

When you preview only one pass, you will see the result in your renderer’s frame buffer. if you have selected multiple passes and preview them at once, renderStacks will automatically save the preview of each passes in the temporary folder. Then, load all files in MrViewer or RamPlayer.

The multi preview folder is “__rsPrv” folder under your project render output folder

C:\Users\[username]\Documents\3ds Max 2021\renderoutput\__rsPrv

“Open Multi Preview Folder” in the righr click menu will open this folder.

Local Render / Network Submission with Preview setting

If you want to render sequence with rsPrvRender settings, you can use “Local Seq Preview” button and “Net Seq Preview”. If you press these buttons, the pass will be activated and rsPrvRender settings will be applied to that state anrendered.

Local Render

allow you to render passes locally. Do you want overnight render? Select passes and press Local Render and go home.

Net Render

Allow to submit render to your render farm. As of now, Deadline and BackBurner are supported. To use this feature, you must add Deadline or BackBurner pmodifier. You can only add one of two.

Sanity Check

If you press any button other than Preview and “Sanity Check” button is on, you will see the Render Check dialog.

It checks all selected passes and show the result of sanity check. If it finds any potential issue, it will show as yellow text on red background.In the above image, you can see CameraC doesn’t have camera assigned and CameraB pass already has renders in the output folder.

If you want to remove any pass from render. uncheck the checkbox at the far left. By default, all check boxes will be checked. Therefore, if you want to submit as is, just press a render or submit button you want.