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[vOM] VRayOverrideMtl

[vOM] VRayOverrideMtl – 1 per pass

allows to have different settings for VRay Override Material per pass. This pmodifier hope to privide more streamlined user experience by utilizing renderStacks’ unified object selection method and its own “By Material” object selection.

Object Selection Method

This pmodifier provide 4 ways to select objects to override material.

  • Off – This is the default. Setting to this is same as unchecking “Override mtl” checkbox in VRay render setting.
  • All – override all object’s materials.
  • Object_Layer – allow to use any renderStscks’ object selection methods to choose objects to override material. This replace VRay’s “Exclude/Include list” and “Exclude layers” option.
  • ObjectID – allow you to override material by ObjectID. You can input ID same as you input frame. Comma separator and sash for range. For example, “1, 4, 7-9″. This replace VRay’s “Exclude object ids” option.
  • Material – allow to select object by materials on the object. Check the later section for detailed steps.

How to use

  1. Choose Override Selection Method from the dropdown.
  2.  Click material button, you will see Map/Material Value Popup Menu.
  3. Select override material.

How to use “Material” method

  1. Choose “Material” as method.
  2. Select Material to use.
  3. Right click the list, “Rightclick here to add Property” .
  4. Click “Add”
  5. Prop/Obj Selection dialog will popup with the current scene material list.
  6. Choose materials and add to Selected.
  7. Press “Set”