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  • renderStacks supports 3dsMax 2017+.
  • Most functionalities of renderStacks work with any renderers.
    Only ObjRenderProps(object properties for rendering) rsPrvRender and overscan supported is limited. The following renderers have a more complete support.
    Arnold, Scanline, ART, VRay, VRayGPU, Corona, Redshift, FStorm
    If you need more support for your renderer, contact us.
  • renderStacks doesn’t require render node lic. It doesn’t even need to be installed on render node.
  • You will get the lic key from us(renderStacks) within 48 hrs. Use the contact form in About section for any support.
  • If you are an existing user and want to add more subscription, please email us.
  • If bought a perpetual version, relay to the email you receive the lic key so you can get a link for maintenance purchase.
  • The prices are before any taxes. Sales tax or VAT or any tax would be added on top of the price. You will see the final price when you check out.



Subscription    –   

Buy – Subscription 1 user – $65.00

Buy – Subscription 2 user – $120.00

Buy – Subscription 3 user – $175.00

Buy – Subscription 6 user – $325.00

Buy – Subscription 8 user – $435.o0

Buy – Subscription 10 user – $540.99

Buy – Subscription 30 user – $1,400.00

Buy – Subscription site license – $2,100.00


renderStacks is free for non-commercial use. A commercial entity can use a non-commercial version if the usage is not directed towards commercial advantage or monetary compensation. For example, if you want to evaluate renderStacks or use it only for making an internal shot film, you can use the non-commercial version. But, if your render is for promoting your product or project or used in any way to assist a paid job, you can not use a non-commercial version.

* Non-commercial version has a time limit and will expire at some point. You will have to download a newer version to use. If you must stay in an older version for whatever reason, you will need to purchase a license. With license, you can use any version.