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renderStacks 3.16

renderStacks 3.16 has been released.

  • New -Multi Visibility pmodifier mode.
    In the video, “onBase” pass group has “base” Visibility set with base cylinder. Then, “etc” and “TubeTeapot” had Visibility sets with corresponding layers.
  • Improved – Treeview drawing performance improvement – 174 passes setup took 5.7s to start renderStacks. Now it takes less than a second.
  • Fixed – Mergepass was crashing when passgroup is used.
  • Fixed – When the read-only property was used, rednerStack was crashing.

renderStacks 2.91

renderStacks 2.91 has been released.

  • New PhoenixSim pmodifier with comprehensive Deadline support.
  • New – New – rsPrvRender Environment Map override. It is On override to temporarily turn on Environment Map while previewing.
  • New <SceneName_no_ver2> token which removes 2 characters in front of digits.
  • Improved – Skip Existing Images support for RenderCommon pmodifier.
  • Fixed – ObjSet editor resize issue
  • Fixed – This Dotnet runtime error should have been fixed.

renderStacks 2.77

renderStacks 2.77 has been released.

!!! If you are using a non-commercial version. 2.77 probably have been expired. Please download 2.78 again.

2.77 – 5/25/2023

  • New – Controller support for ObjParams/ManyObjectParams
  • New – All On, All off support for atmospherics/RenderElement/RenderEffects
  • Improved – When Visibility doesn’t have any set assigned. It would hide all objects since nothing has been selected to be visible. It could be annoying when you made a new Visibility pmod. Now, if no selection method is assigned(for example, you set to a layer set but have not chosen any layer set), Visibility pmod wouldn’t do anything.
  • Improved – Overscan is disabled for xref camera. It would not crash.
  • Fixed – RenderEffects was broken.
  • Fixed – disabled base ManyObjectParams was still actived.
  • Fixed –  ObjSet editor was busted. Fixed everything.

renderStacks 2.72

renderStacks 2.72 has been released.

2.72 – 2/15/2023

  • Improved — Update Render Setup dialog only when Common/RenderElement is active. If you usually open renderer tabs, you probably wouldn’t need to close Render Setup dialog all the time.
  • Fixed – static Overscan issues
  • Fixed – Preview render was failing when render output was not set properly
  • Fixed – Remove unnecessary output path error
  • Fixed – Using rsUserPreSubmitFn would have crashed the submission

renderStacks 2.65

renderStacks 2.65 has been released.

!!! updated with 2.66 with a small hot fix. Please re-download 2.66

  • NewMtlMapParams modifier – now you can control any material/map parameter per pass.
  • New Generate Batch – You can generate batch file for local rendering instead of using the current session. It will launch 3dsmaxbatch and render the selected passes. Since it is using 3dsmaxbatch, it only supports 2018.4+.
    • Improved – Prop/Obj Selection dialog is now resizable and shows the name also in the tooltip. This is the dialog that you use to add properties or objects for MtlMapParams, ObjParams, RendererParams.
  • Fixed – UI was not updating when a new pmodifier was added
  • Fixed – rsPrv reset will properly load saved defaults

renderStacks 2.59

renderStacks 2.59 has been released.

  • New – ChaosPlayer support. I tried MRVIewer and DJV, RV. ChaosPlayer is still my favorite.
  • Improved – Removed backup render preset from rsPrvRender. Ya, that polluting render presets are gone.
  • Fixed – output preview button display. The black button at bottom center.
  • Fixed -Output folder should be generated only when local rendering or submiiting to network render. Changing pass wouldn’t;t generate the output folder.
  • Fixed – Bad plugin error – If you run rsPrv, most pmodifier showed “Bad plugin….” msg and had to restart renderStacks. That is fixed.