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[xrfSv] XRefSceneVisible

[xrfSv] XRefSceneVisible- 1 per pass, Custom Object, Preset

Allow you to turn on/off Visible option of Xref Scene. From 2.27, this pmodifier will also control “Disabled” while rendering. 3dsMax default behavior is that Visible is only for viewport. With this change,  you will get the render that matches to your viewport. If you have turn on IPR, renderStacks will stop/restart when it switches passes(Currently only for VRay).

  • 3dsMax doesn’t provide a way to track Xref Scene because it doesn’t track. That’s also why Xref Scene is faster. It gives you better performance by not doing much. This means, if you remove Xref Scene in the middle all index if the below Xref Scene will be changed. The only to track a Xref Scene is the bind object. Therefore, renderStacks uses this Bind object as a way to identify Xref Scene. If the Bind object was not set, renderStacks will automatically make rsXrefScn_[maxfilename] point helper at the origin and use it.
  • If you delete the already used bind object, you will lose all pmodifier settings associated with the object. For whatever reason, if you need to use other object to control Xref Scene transform, link the used bind object as the child of the control object.