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How to run from network folder

By default, renderStacks is installed in User folder.
Usually here C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2021 – 64bit\ENU\
You can run this code in the listener to get your current 3dsMax userscript folder.
getdir #userscripts

If somehow installer fails or you want to deploy renderStacks on a network folder, all you need to do is unzip the .mzp file and copy all .mse files in a folder.

this is how to manually install renderStacks.

  1. Unzip .mzp file.
    You don’t have to rename to .zip. Most zip uncompressor can open .mzp file.
  2. You will see 5 files. Select only 4 .mse files.
  3. Copy 4 .mse files into a folder.
    All 4 files have to be in the same folder.
  4. Modify the following code to include the folder you used.
    Then, CTRL+E to evaluate from the Maxscript editor.
    Or, save as renderSTacks.mcr and drag and drop to a viewport.
macroScript renderStacks category:"RenderStacks" tooltip:"renderStacks" (
    filein (@"Z:\this\is\my\folder\for\renderstacks\" + "\\renderStacks.mse")

macroScript rsPrvRender category:"RenderStacks" tooltip:"rsPrvRender" (
filein (@"Z:\this\is\my\folder\for\renderstacks\" + "\\rsPrvRender.mse")