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[DL] Deadline

[DL] Deadline – 1 per pass, Custom Property, Preset

allow to set Deadline property(SMTDSettings property) per pass. This is a custom property pmodifier. You need to explicitly choose which properties you want to control.

Adding this modifier will make renderSracks use Deadline for Net Render.

This pmodifier rely on Thnkbox’s own 3dsMax submission code for submission. You must install Deadline client for 3dsMax for each workstation. You can get the client script from here. [Deadline Repository]\submission\3dsmax\Client\Deadline3dsMaxClient.mcr

For Deadline properties, check Deadline documentation 3dsMax job submission.

There are also several pre-defined properties.

  • Job name
    Deadline job name. You can use tokens.
  • Batch name
    Deadline batch name. You can use tokens.
  • Pool
    Deadline pool list. Press Refresh button to refresh the list.
  • Group
    Deadline group list. Press Refresh button to refresh the list.
  • Priority
    Job priority
  • Out of Order Method
    Render frame order
  • Task chunk size
    This is the number of frames that will be rendered at a time for each job task. Increasing the Frames Per Task can help alleviate some of the inherited overhead that comes with network rendering, but if your frames take longer than a couple of minutes to render, it is recommended that you leave the Frames Per Task at 1
  • Limit / Machines
    Limit is the Machine Limit to specify the maximum number of slaves that can render your job at one time. Specify 0 for no limit. You can also force the job to render on specific slaves by using a whitelist, or you can avoid specific slaves by using a blacklist
  • Submit Job As Suspended
    If enabled, the job will submit in the suspended state. This is useful if you don’t want the job to start rendering right away. Just resume it from the Monitor when you want it to render.
  • Enforce Sequential Rendering
    When checked, the Tasks will be processed in ascending order in order to reduce the performance hit from History-Dependent calculations, for example from particle systems. When unchecked, Tasks can be picked up by Slaves in any order. Recommended for Particle Rendering.

3dsMax Resion Rendering support – New in 1.1

Custom property name and behavior adjustment has been implemented, 3dsMax region rendering with Deadline. Now you wi;; have exact same properties for 3dsMax region rendering at the top of the list.