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[PhxSim] PhoenixSim

[PhxSim] Save – 1 per pass, Preset, Action

This pmodifier allows executing simulation locally or submitting to the farm.

  • Enabled
    Enable/disable action.
  • Phoenix Object
    Phoenix object to simulate.
  • Select
    Select the chosen Phoenix object in the scene.
  • Version/Padding
    A custom user-defined value for <_VersionNum> token. Version is for the version number, and Padding is the number of 0 padding of the version.
  • Status Button
    show if there is existing cache files are in the defined path. If there is no cache files, the button will turn green. If there are existing cache files, it will turn red and show the number of the cache files.
  • Set Simulation Cache Save Path
    Turn on this checkbox to set the cache path in this pmodifier. If this option is off, the current path assigned to the object will be used as is.
  • Cache Ppath Input
    Set the saved file path. You can use all renderStacks tokens just like Render Output. pmodifier.
    2 more exclusive tokens are supported for this modifier.
    <_PhxName> – the selected Phoenix object name
    <_VersionNum> – the version string defined by Version and Padding spinner.

    * Path name must end with .aur or .vdb
  • Output Preview
    The preview for the to-be-built path. Path Preview and Rightclick menu is supported.
  • Deadline Job Prefix
    The prefix for the submitted Deadline job.


This is an action pmodifier which means you need to Execute.

Deadline Submission

The job will be submitted as a Maxscript job with the defined prefix.

You can see the progress.

Job Report also logs the progress.

Job Output will have the cache path.


if you want to access the custom tokens for this modifier from your own script while executing, you can use rstck.customTokenDic.

  • rstck.customTokenDic[#phxname]
  • rstck.customTokenDic[#versionnum]