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This is an extended renamer based on the builtin 3dsMax Rename Objects utility. Overall workflow and option are pretty similar. But, it provide the following improvement over 3dsMax ones.

  • Supports renderStacks’ pass name, layer name and file name in addition to object name.
  • Search and replace support with regex support.
  • Preview

If you change selection after open this dialog, changing Rename Type or Selection Type will trigger refreshing of the list.

The preview list has a checkbox for each item, if you don’t want to rename certain items,m uncheck the checkbox, Only checked item will be renamed not the highlighted ones. You can multi select item by holding Ctrl or Shift key. When you check/uncheck the check box all the selected item will be changed.

New in 1.221 – The preview list also have right click menu. You can Select All/Non items and insert selection.

New in 1.221 – After it perform renaming task,the item names will be immediately changed. All target name will be changed to “Renamed” to indicated that items are renamed. the Rename button will also be disabled. If you want to perform another rename task, changing any options will enable Rename button.

Rename Type / Selection Type

Choose what to rename from the top radio buttons.  Then, choose items to rename among the type.

Depends on what you chose as the selection type in the the first dropdown, you may need to set second drop down list.


  • Selected – currently selected passes in renderStacks UI
  • All – all passes
  • Pass_Set – passed in the pass set Use the right drop down to chose pass set name.


  • Selected – currently selected objects in the scene.
  • All – all objects in the scene.
  • Geometry / Lights / Helpers / Shapes – all objects of selected category.
    • SelectionSet  / Layer / Nested_Layer / Layer_Set /Nested_Layer_Set/ Pathname / Obj_Set – Selection pmethods of renderStacks.
      Choose a set name or layer name from the second dropdown.


  • Selected_in_the_active_SceneExplorer – layers which selected in the currently active Scene/Layer Explorer.
  • All – All layes
  • Layer_Set / Nested_Layer_Set – If you have set layer set in renderStacks. You will see this options.
    Choose a set name or layer name from the second dropdown.


If you choose File, the second drop down will change to a button. Click the button to pick a file. You can select multiple files at once.

Undo is NOT supprted for file rename.

  • Selected – selected files.
  • All_files_in_the_selected_folder – all files in the selected folder.
  • Files_with_same_extension_in_the_selected_folder – files with the same extension in the selected_folder

Rename Method

You have 3 sections to define rename rule. The rename will happen in a sequence from the top. It will perform Base first/Numbering or Search and Replace. Then, it adds prefix. Then it adds suffix. This is same as how 3dsMax Rename Objects works.


Using a new Base Name and sequence number. From 2.27, if you leave base name empty, this utility will add only numbering on the existing names. To use this methods, now you have to check the checkbox before Base name textbox. Checking this checkbox will disable Search and Replace.

For example, if you choose 5 objects and set “Obj_” as Base Name, Base 2, Step, 3, Padding 4. You will get.

  • Obj_0002
  • Obj_0005
  • Obj_0008
  • Obj_0011
  • Obj_0014

Position – allow you choose the position of numbering.

Search and replace

It will replace a string in “This” to the string in the “to”.

  • Ignore case – allow you to ignore case when you search the string in “This”. For example, With this option on and “banana” as the “This” and “APPLE” as “to”.
    Banana_Tree will be renamed as APPLE_Tree.
  • Regex – You can use regular expression to search “This”. It uses .net regular expression.  This is very powerful feature. But, tyou gotta know what you are doing. I’ll show you a few example.
    [\W] this means all character other than alphabet, number and under score include space. If you set [\W] as “This” and set “to” as empty. you can cleanup all special character at once. “te st!@#” becomes “test”


Check the checkbox to use. The string in textbox will be added as prefix. if you set “Remove First x digits”, it will remove the character first and add the prefix.


Check the checkbox to use. The string in textbox will be added as suffix. if you set “Remove Last x digits”, it will remove the character first and add the suffix