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[RR] RoyalRender

[RR] RoyalRender – 1 per pass, Custom Property, Preset

allow to set RoyalRender property per pass. This is a custom property pmodifier. You need to explicitly choose which properties you want to control.

Adding this modifier will make renderSracks use Royal Render for Net Render.

This pmodifier requires RoyalRender’s manuscript library,, which is located in #macroScripts folder. It is good idea to run the script before renderStacks is launched. If not, renderStacks will try to tun the script. But, you still have to restart renderStacks.

renderStacks will create _rrJob folder under output folder and save the max file to render there. The max file name will be [the original max file name]_[FullPassName]_[Timestamp].max

  • E:\Renders\rstck_001_unittest-lookdev_royalRender_\001\bty\_rrJob\rstck_001_unittest-lookdev_royalRender_v001_bty_200912153404.max

Also the .xml and .bat file submission will be there with rr_[the above submission max file name].xml

  • E:\Renders\rstck_001_unittest-lookdev_royalRender_\001\bty\_rrJob\rr_rstck_001_unittest-lookdev_royalRender_v001_bty_200912153404.xml
  • E:\Renders\rstck_001_unittest-lookdev_royalRender_\001\bty\_rrJob\rr_rstck_001_unittest-lookdev_royalRender_v001_bty_200912153404.bat

If somehow the submission fails, you can try to run.bat file to submit again.