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Global Preference Override

renderStacksk provides a way to control Preference options globally which are under Global Settings in Preference dialog. These settings are saved in the rsSettings.ini file in rsSettingPath(By default, UserSettings/Plugcfg folder for each user.)
If you open a rsSettings.ini file, you can see some of the following entries.

Now you can control any of these settings using a global variable or an environment variable.

The global variable will be used first
Then, the environment variable
Then, rsSettings.ini file

The global and environment variable name is same. It starts with “rs_Pref_” + section name + “_” + key name. The global and environment variable name of the following item would be “rs_Pref_NetworkSubmission_TempPath“.


Therefore, you can add the following line in the startup script.

rs_Pref_NetworkSubmission_TempPath = @"S:\DeadlineSubmission\<SceneName>__<PassFullName>_<timestamp()>.max"

Or, you can set as an enrivonment viariable.