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[Sv] Save

[Sv] Save – 1 per pass, Preset, Action

This pmodifier allows saving an activated pass as max file.

  • Enabled
    Enable/disable action.
  • Output Path
    Set the saved file path. You can use renderStacks tokens just like Render Output. pmodifier.
    * Path name must end with .max
  • Output Preview
    The preview for the to be built path.
    Rightclick menu is available.
  • Visible only
    Only save visible objects. Same as select all visible object and Save Selected.
    * Any dependent of visible object will also be saved even tho they are hidden.
  • Version
    You can save as previous version. 3dsMax support up to 3 versions back for save.
  • Assets / Collect
    Collect all assets of the file and copy to the save folder or its sub folder. Then, all assets are repath to the copied files.
  • Asset / Repath as relative path
    If you check this option, absolute paths will be used. If you want to send the folder to somewhere else, you should turn on this option.
  • Asset Sub Folder
    If it is empty all assets will be copied to the same folder where the max file is. If a folder name is entered, the same name sub folder will be made under max file path and used.

Asset Collection for multi file asset

Currently .ifl, .xml(PointCache per frame), <UDIM> files are supported.