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Sanity Check for Render

If you press any button other than Preview and “Sanity Check” button is on, you will see the Render Check dialog.

New in 1.1, You can resize this dialog. The size will be kept for the session.

New in 1.1, If you want to sanity check when you don’t render, right click the Sanity Check button. If passes are selected, the selected will be checked. if no pass is selected, all passes will be checked.

It checks all selected passes and show the result of sanity check. If it finds any potential issue, it will show as yellow text on red background.In the above image, you can see CameraC doesn’t have camera assigned and CameraB pass already has renders in the output folder.

If you want to remove any pass from render. uncheck the checkbox at the far left. By default, all check boxes will be checked. Therefore, if you want to submit as is, just press a render or submit button you want.


If no camera has been assigned in Camera pmod or Camera pmod is missing, you will get a warning.

Path Length

If path length exceeds more than 255 character, you will get a warning.

Existing Files

If rendered files already exists, you will get a warning.


If yo have not set render output, you will get a warning.

New in 1.1, if multiple pass have same ooutput path, you will get a warning.