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How to install

  1. If you got a .mzp file, just drag and drop into a viewport.
    If you got a .zip file, unzip and find a .mzp file. Them, drag and drop the .mzp file into a viewport.
  2. Installer window will pop up.
  3. Press “Accept”. Then, the “INSTALL” betton will become active.
  4. Press INSTALL.
  5. You can make button, shortcut and etc from Customize Interface.
    Look for “RenderStacks” category.
  • By default, renderStacks is intalled in userscript folder. That means it will only install for the version. If you want to use renderStacks in the multiple version of 3dsMax. You need to install for each version.
  • When you update to a new version of renderStacks. you don’t need to uninstall old version.