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Set Editors

When you use renderStacks, you will use many sets like Obj Set, Layer Set, Pass Set and Selection Set. Pathname is also a kind of set. Preset also use name UI. How to manage any set is very similar as how you do for selection set.

How to make a set

  1. Select whatever you want to include in the set.
  2. Type the new set name in dropdown list.
  3. Press Enter

How to duplicate a set

  1. Select a set.
  2. While the items are selected, type a new name and press Enter

How to update a set

  1. Select a set.
  2. Add or remove items from set.
  3. Type set name to update and press Enter.

To rename or delete a set. You need to use the Set Editor in the main Set Editors menu. You can rename or delete Layer Set, Pathname, Obj Set and Pass Set here.

How to delete an item

  1. Choose a type of a set
  2. Select an item
  3. Press Delete button

How to rename an item

  1. Select an item
  2. Type a new name in the edit box.
  3. Press Rename button.