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[LO] LightOn

[LO] LightOn – 1 per pass, Custom Object, Preset

Allow you to turn on/off light objects. Some lights uses On property.Others may use Enable. This pmodifier will take care that automatically.

You can add custom object from the scene selection with “Add Selected Objs from the Scene” in the right click menu.

Instanced Lights

This pmodifier shows instanced lights as a group in the list automatically. It also means that it will show only unique lights when you add lights to the list.

If your light name is displayed as dropdown, that means it is an instanced light. You can open the dropdown to see the instanced light list.

Control By Layer

New in 1.1. It allows you to light on/off per layer instead of per object. This is a hybrid way of working inbetween objParams/ManyObjParams.

  • If you choose #Light, you can add each individual light objects
  • If you choose #LightLayer, you can add layers which has light on the layer. All lights in the layer will be on/off.

You can only choose one or another. You can not mix individual objects and layers.

If you choose to control by layer, you must pay attention to instanced light. If instanced lights are on different layers, there is possibility that you would not get the result you want.

When you switch between #Light and #LightLayer, the warming dialogs pops up to tell you that all the items in the current will be cleared.