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Settings rollout

Viewport Cam Update

When renderStacks switch the camera for a pass, it search all viewport and tried to use the existing viewport with the camera first. It might save some millisecond to switch viewport. But, sometimes it make harder for users to see if the view is properly switched.

This setting allows you to assign a viewport as the viewport for renderStacks to switch view.

How to set viewport for camera switch

  1. Check “On fixed viewport” option.
  2. Choose a viewport to make the view for renderStacks.
  3. Press “Select Viewport” button.
  4. The selected view panel ID and viewport ID array will be displayed

This supports new floating viewport feature

Base depot and pmodifier display option

You have a few options to show how to show base depot and pmodifiers. The setting is in Note panel > Settings rollout > Treeview Display.

For details, please check the Pass Modifier section.

Show BaseDepot

If this option is on, The ::base depot will be shown at the top ofthe pass tree panel.

Show Base PassModifiers

If this option is on, the green base pmodifiers will be shown in each passes if it would be used.

So, if you show pmodifiers in each pass, you don’t need to show the ::base depot. Or, you can hide base pmodifiers on each pass and show ::base depot. Then, you will a lot less items in the tree view. But, you will lose the ability to see each and every command what will be executed.

Both options are save in the scene file.


Listener Log Level

If you increase this value, renderStack will output more verbose log into Maxscript Listener.