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How to report a problem

Even tho it is rare, renderStacks can crash.

When it crashes, the UI would be still there because it is a script. But, the UI would not work properly. You must close and reopen renderStacks. If you see a dialog something like this. That means renderStacks crashed.

To prevent this fatal crash, I put some protection in a few places. For example, the pass activation. Then, it would not crash. But, it will warn.

When this happens, most users send the dialog image. Unfortunately, the message is not helpful in many cases.
What I need is the listener output. You can open listener from here or from menu or F11.

I need a copy of the error message. It would be red(or sometimes blue). I also need to know exact renderStacks version.

If you want to troubleshoot what is causing the issue, you can increase log level in the Settings rollout at the bottom of the right panel.

Something like this. THis will allow you to pin point when it crashes.

> 	Teapots - activating pass
> 		PassCam : $Free_Camera:Camera001 @ [-76.492455,-215.869614,91.332619]
> 			resolvePathToken.checkedBuiltPath : s:\render\rstck_001_unittest-assmbl_VRay_\024\rstck_001_unittest-assmbl_VRay_v024\Teapots\rstck_001_unittest-assmbl_VRay_v024_Teapots..exr 
> 			this.vrayrawoutputpath : s:\render\rstck_001_unittest-assmbl_VRay_\024\rstck_001_unittest-assmbl_VRay_v024\Teapots\rstck_001_unittest-assmbl_VRay_v024_Teapots..exr
> 				[V_Ray_6:V_Ray_6] #output_saveRawFile : true (unchanged)
> 		output_saveRawFile : true
> 				[V_Ray_6:V_Ray_6] #output_rawFileName : s:\render\rstck_001_unittest-assmbl_VRay_\024\rstck_001_unittest-assmbl_VRay_v024\Teapots\rstck_001_unittest-assmbl_VRay_v024_Teapots..exr
> 		output_rawFileName : s:\render\rstck_001_unittest-assmbl_VRay_\024\rstck_001_unittest-assmbl_VRay_v024\Teapots\rstck_001_unittest-assmbl_VRay_v024_Teapots..exr
> 		LightOn:Base_LightOn applying
> 			exePmodLightOn
> 		  0.002s
> 		Material:Base_Material applying
> 			exePmodMaterial
> 		  0.003s
> 		ObjPropsRender:Base_ObjPropsRender applying
> 			exePmodObjPropsRender
> 			objdata : #(#all, "", "true")
> 				hndls : #{1..4, 7, 10, 12, 14, 18, 20..22, 31..33}
> 				baseHandles : #{1..4, 7, 10, 12, 14, 18, 20..22, 31..33}
> 			hndls2use : #{1..4, 7, 10, 12, 14, 18, 20..22, 31..33}
> 				Cylinder001
> 				[$Cylinder:Cylinder001] renderable : true (unchanged)
> 				[$Cylinder:Cylinder001] primaryVisibility : true (unchanged)
> 				Teapot001
> 				[$PolyMesh:Teapot001] renderable : true (unchanged)

If you send this output, that will be really helpful to debug,

Sometimes renderStacks could crash when you just select a pass or pmodifier. Then, you can’t even delete the problematic pass or pmodifier.

In that case, you can press this orange button to turn on Emergency Off mode. This mode will block any pass/pmodifier activation so you can select them and delete.