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[AL] AlignLink

[AL] AlignLink – 1 per pass, Custom Object, Preset

This pmodifier allow for objects to have a different parent and align to the parent per pass. The main purpose of this pmodifier is having a simple transform animation per pass.

Let’s say you have 5 F-35 flying shots and need a different animation for each shot. Fortunately all the F-35 does is flying. No fancy motions. You can make 5 point helpers for each shot and animate the helper and just link F-35 to the helpers. Then, this pmodifier will align and link your F-35 to each helper per shot to get the animation.

How to use

  1. Open right click menu of list.
  2. Click “Add”. Only the object that has parent will be shown.
  3. Select objects to control.
  4. Moved to “Selected” with [<] or [<<] button.
  5. Press “Set”
    Object name and the current parent name will be displayed per item.
    If the object had no parent, the parent name will be displayed as “Click to set parent” and moved to the origin! Make sure to have a parent for each pass!
  6. If you want to have a new parent, select a object and click the parent name button. The selected object will be set as the parent.