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Pmodifier with custom prop/object

Some pmodifiers have a set of pre-defined properties to set. But, the most pmodifiers are just blank slate. You must choose what to control for these pmodifiers. When you add these modifiers first time, you will see “Rightclick here to add Property(or Objects)

This is the list of pmodifiers you need to define property or objects.

  • AlignLink– Per object parent and transform align
  • Atmospherics – Per atmospherics on/off
  • BackBurner – BackBurner submission
  • Deadline – All Deadline settings
  • Environment – All parameters in Common Parameters rollout in Environment dialog
  • Exposure – All parameters of Exposure control
  • LightOn – Per lights on/off
  • ManyObjParams – All parameters of object include modifier with dynamic object selection
  • Material – Per object material assignment
  • ObjParams – All parameters of object include modifier
  • ObjPropsDisplay – Object display property per group of objects
  • ObjPropsRender – Object render property per group of objects
  • RenderCommon – All parameters in Common tab of render dialog
  • RenderElement – Per render element on/off
  • RendererParams – All parameters of any renderer
  • Transform – Per object transform

How to add properties or objects to control

  1. Right click the property/object list. If you have not add anything yet, rightclick the caption “Rightclick here to add Property(Object)”
  2. Click “Add/Edit”. You will see Property/Object Editor
  3. On the right, you will see all available property of object names. Select what you and press [<] button.
    You can also add one item with double click. The item will move to the left Selected panel.
    If your list is too long, type search word in “Search” textbox, the list will be filtered with your search word.
    !!! Left “Selected” section is kinds of a shopping cart for the properties to add. It would not show already added properties.
  4. Press “Set” to add.

How to add custom object from scene selection

  1. Right click the list.
  2. Click “Add Selected Objs from the Scene”

To remove from the list

  1. Select properties/objects from the list.
  2. Right click the list.
  3. Select “Remove Selected”.

    Right click menu has 3 helper command for selection
    Select All, Select None, Invert Selection
  4. If you want to remove everything, click Clear.

How to update pmodifier value

  • If the value of added properties are is number, true/false, color or dropdown, you can set value directly in the list. For number value, double click the number cell to edit. renderStacks don’t have spinner yet.
  • You can also change value in the scene. Then, use right click “Capture .. from Scene” command.

Map/Material Value Popup Menu

If a property value is map prmaterial, the property will be displayed in a button. If you press the button to set a new value, you will see this popup dialog. If you want edit a material or map hat used in pmodifier. Please use this menu to get a material or map to edit. Just because the name is same, it doesn’t mean that is the material or map you want/need.

  • Open Map Browser
    It will open 3dsMax’s Material/Map Browser. Choose a new map/material or from the scene or slots.
  • Get from selected node in Slate ME
    Select a map/material in Slate ME. The, you can get the material/map by pressing this button.
  • Get from selected node in Classic ME
    Select a map/material in Classic ME. The, you can get the material/map by pressing this button.
  • Put into Slate ME new tab
    Put the current material/map into Slate ME. A new view tab will be created with material/map name.
  • Put into Classic ME new active slot
    Put the current material/map into Classic ME active slot.
  • Clear
    Clear material/map from the value. It is same as set as undefined.

Multi value Edit

If you want to change the value of any items at once, you can use “Multi value Edit” command from right click menu.

This will bring up Multi value Edit dialog. You must select same type of values. If you have selected different types of values like boolean and float. You will get error message.

As of now, integer, float. boolean, color values are supported for multi value edit.

If the the type of value is boolean, you will just get a simple checkbox. it is a boolean value. Your choice is either true or false.

But, if the type of value is float/integer. You have more choices.

  • = (Absolute value) – set propertied value as input. If you input 10.0, the value will be set to 10.0
  • + (add) – the input number will be added to the current value. If the current value was 7.0 and the input value is -2.0, the value will be set to 5.0
  • x(multiply) –  the current value will be multiplied by the input number. If the current value was 10.0 and the input value is 0.9, the value will be set to 9.0.

Color multi value edit

After input your value, press “Set” button to apply the value. If your “Instant scene update when pmodifier value changed” option is on in the Preference, you will see the change in the scene immediately.

If you turn off the option and want to see the result immediately, press “Set & Active” button.