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rsPrvRender 1.05

A small update

  • Fixed crash while using VRayGPU
  • New Light category override
    If you enable this override, rsPrvRender will turn on display by category for Light while rendering preview. This is useful to prevent lights are not rendering when you set your renderer not to render hidden light,
  • Animation render support
    Now you can render animation with preview settings. rsPrvRender will use whatever the current setting in Render Setup dialog.

Introducing rsPrvRender by quasiKrystal


This is the future home of the renderStacks by quasiKrystal. Today we are releasing our first tool, rsPrvRender as a teaser for renderStacks. Do you want to know who the heck is quasiKrystal? Click About Us.

rsPrvRender (renderstacksPreviewRender) is a feature of renderStacks which allows users to reduce render settings temporarily without affecting the production render settings. My test render time is usually around 10 to 20 second with this tool. Yes, I’m very impatient artist. You can find the manual of this tool here or click the rsPrvRender menu at the top.

Supported renderers : VRay / VRayGPU, Arnold, ART, Scanline, Corona, FStorm, Redshift. You can also use for other renders. All common settings works for any renderers. The development target was 3ds Max 2017+. But, it should work for lower version, too.

This tool is completely free for personal and commercial use.

Only requirement is subscribing our news letter.

Also don’t forget to join our forum for the feature request and bug report. Let us know what you think and stay tuned for renderStacks!