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renderStacks 2.65

renderStacks 2.65 has been released.

!!! updated with 2.66 with a small hot fix. Please re-download 2.66

  • NewMtlMapParams modifier – now you can control any material/map parameter per pass.
  • New Generate Batch – You can generate batch file for local rendering instead of using the current session. It will launch 3dsmaxbatch and render the selected passes. Since it is using 3dsmaxbatch, it only supports 2018.4+.
    • Improved – Prop/Obj Selection dialog is now resizable and shows the name also in the tooltip. This is the dialog that you use to add properties or objects for MtlMapParams, ObjParams, RendererParams.
  • Fixed – UI was not updating when a new pmodifier was added
  • Fixed – rsPrv reset will properly load saved defaults

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