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renderStacks 2.57

renderStacks 2.57 has been released.

  • !!! renderStacks supports only 3dsMax 2017.1+ from now on !!!
  • New – Disabling the ::base pmodifier support.
    Sometimes you want to disable all pmodifiers of a type for troubleshooting and such. Now you can disable pmodifiers in ::base. Then, all the same type pmodifiers in all passes will be disabled.
  • New – Overscan warning for Alembic camera. If a pass uses an alembic camera, the warning will pop up when an alembic camera is used for the pass.
  • New – hotkeys
    • Move to top/bottom – Home/End
      move selected nodes to top/bottom at the same level
    • Arrow – expand/collapse/move up and down
      left – collapse (previously it was E)
      right – expand (previously it was W)
      up – move up
      down – move down
  • New – Treeview active status
    When treeview is not in focus, the selected node color turns dark gray. This should prevent accidentally pressing the hotkey for enderStacks.

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