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renderStacks 2.45

renderStacks 2.45 has been released

It has been a while we had an update. There was some core work going on. Now we have a way of making “pmodifier plugin”. The documentation will be released in the future. Also now renderStacks can do more than render. It can “Execute” tasks.
As the first implementation of execute and plugin, we made Save pmodifier which allows you to save each pass status as a max file.
Because of this, now you have a new “Execute” button. All the render-related buttons are consolidated as the “Render” button. If you click “Execute” button, a menu will popup so you can select which type of action pmodifiers to execute.
  • New – Custom Pmodifier Plugin support
    Now you can make own custom pmodifier plugin. Save pmodifier is implemented with the new system. The documentation will be released in the future.
  • New Save pmodifier and Execute
  • Improved – More than 3 levels of nested property support
  • Fixed – Loading a saved renderStacks data from file will not wipe out the existing selection set
  • Fixed – Map/Material right-click menu fix when the Map/material button is empty
  • Fixed – Focal Length over scan fix

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