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renderStacks 2.36

renderStacks 2.36 has been released. It was 2.35 and had a small bug. 2.36 is the hot fix version.

  • Improved Image aspect ratio spinner in Resolution modifier

  • ImprovedAdded more Arnold option for rsPrv

  • Improved – Added Red as a new pass color. Only accessible via right click mnu 

  • Improved – Deadline “onComplete” property support

  • ImprovedTreeview node selection will be remembered when the dialog close/open within in the current session.
  • Improved If you select passgroup, all children passes of the passgroup will be used for preview/local render/submission,
  • ImprovedCleanup Deadline submission result message. If submission fails, it will print out the whole message from Deadline.
  • Fixed Pass set was not working.
  • Fixed Full Preview now will show overscan properly.

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