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renderStacks 3.35

renderStacks 3.35 has been released.

  • Fixed – “Capture from scene” function in the right click menu has been revisited. Exposure and MtlMapParams now works correctly.
  • Fixed – When duplicate pass, modifiers were swapped between the sources and the copy..
  • Fixed – if a modifier name had dot or space, ManyObjectParam failed to get value.
  • Fixed – occasional Non-Commercial msg even tho it is licensed.

renderStacks pricing change

It has been almost 4 years since renderStacks was released, and the pricing hasn’t been changed.
We were trying to update the pricing last year. But, billing system was not ready.
Finally, we are ready to update the pricing in mid-May. This is the new pricing.

_ Current New
Subscription 1 user 59.99 65.00
Subscription 2 user 109.99 120.00
Subscription 3 user 159.99 175.00
Subscription 6 user 299.99 325.00
Subscription 8 use 399.99 435.00
Subscription 10 user 499.99 540.00
Subscription 30 user 1299.99 1400.00
Subscription site license 1999.99 2100.00
Perpetual Mainternance 20 25

For existing users, the pricing will be updated automatically from the next renewal.
Also, we are removing the perpetual license. No one have bought the perpetual license for years. If you current have a perpetual license, you can sill buy the maintenance.

If you want the current pricing or the perpetual license, please buy before the change.